About TUX

TUX, Inc. is a Chicago-based wristwatch and apparel company founded in 2012. TUX was established when a young entrepreneur by the name of Tony Muthalaly (“Tony Tux”) ventured out to create a company with a sole purpose of helping others. 

In November of 2011, while at home in Chicago, IL, Tony caught glimpse of a T.V. show giving spotlight to a particular company that gave only ten percent of their net proceeds to charitable organizations. It was then that Tony did some research and realized that donating ten percent was a marketing tactic that even major corporations used to increase sales and build a positive reputation. By basically giving a dollar or two of their proceeds, companies are able to benefit far greater than the charities that they partner with. This was when Tony decided to create a company that sold quality products that gave more than just the industry standard of ten percent.

On January 2012, TUX, Inc. was born. TUX donates 80% of net proceeds, made through the sales of TUX wristwatches, to help fund multiple charitable organizations. The acronym TUX stands for The Unknown Variable. In math and in other parts of life, it is common to use the letter (or Variable) X to represent something that is Unknown. X is the Variable that is used by TUX to represent our customers. Since it would be very difficult to put a name and face to each customer that contributes towards the success of TUX brand products, everyone is represented with just one alias, TUX.

TUX has also started to become a platform for new and “Unknown” graphic artists to get exposure. Unlike most companies that like to keep their graphic designers secret, designs that are made for TUX through a third party graphic designer are always given credit to. Giving credit to our designers helps TUX remain relevant in the design world, cultivates competition amongst creative minds and aids in furthering the career of these gifted designers.

TUX, Inc. strives to sell the highest quality products at an affordable price so that we can continue to achieve our mission of helping as many people around the world as possible.




If you would like to design the graphics for our next product, please email designs@tuxbrand.com.